Wednesday, February 16, 2011

To Do

-not fail stats
-not fail anthro... again
-wake up in time for class
-eat breakfast burrito
-not die
-plan a trip to san diego
-hug scotty
-exacto knife that ish
-spraypaint a t-shirt
-ace the bio test
-hug and kiss my boys!!!

What I have done as a "pledge"

-chapter 1
-took off my ganesh for the first time in two.five years
-replaced it with amethyst
-study hall?
-sisterly bonding
-chapter 2
-study hall
-get to know you again games
-chapter 3
-bigs and lils choices
-slumber party?
-study hall, photo style
.bring it on, enjoying every step I take toward being a dpo!

Monday, November 22, 2010

There is a severe deficit of Thanksgiving music

-the gobble?
-thanksgiving song?

there's this one, and I do love it, but its not something you could go thanksgiving caroling with

and that's pretty much it...

Monday, September 6, 2010

utah county, labor day weekend, a list

-northbound traveling with an adorable boy
-never ending hug from wilderness
-dinner with some VIPs
-an evening with my boys
-cuddling with cedar
-karate for cedar
-farmer's market with wiley and daddy
-back home for a quesadilla
-up to slc with my mama and baby sista
-G's and M's birthday party with grover and elmo cupcakes
-chatting with cousins
-beautiful drive to park city
-met up with the photogs
-shot an eventful, intense, expensive wedding
-alcohol explosion
-shot with an extreme telephoto and hated it
-stood on a couch to get good pics
-blah blah blah photography stuff
-acdc screaming competition between the brides maids
-late night drive home
-crashed with cedar b
-slept in for a long time
-evening drive up the canyon
-another night of cuddling with cedro
-labor day morning hike to the first falls on the back of timp
-quick showers
-daddy daughter date
-hugging on braxton
-school, like an afternoon should be
-home for homemade mac n' cheese by sharon
-up the canyon for dinner, treats, bonfires and getting dirty
-an evening with the bee's and love
-cuddling again with cedar, even though there's an extra bed, I would rather sleep on cedar's bed, he's just so cuddly and warm
-early morning to school
-sharon's office and wilder, like it should be
-lunch with my caleb and handsome hansen
-long lasting hugs goodbye
-school hugs goodbye
-picked up a bookshelf
-on the road again
-sunflowers on the side of the road all the way down
-singing, laughing, not long enough ride
-back home to cedar
-babysitting for institute
-roommate love

Monday, August 23, 2010

cedar city, first week back, a list

-took the bus
-watermelon stink
-8 to 2
-got my stuff
-dinner with a friend, hopefully
-cookies from the roomie
-cupcakes with friends
-service center all day
-awkward star gazing and political talk
-service center
-fell off the truck at work, with 100 glass plates
-veggie burgers up the canyon
-work for 12.5 hours straight
-service super early
-work more
-super service saturday super early
-finally bought tooth paste, burt's bees!
-accidental nap
-real nap
-parties, with cake and brown boys
-desserts with the prez
-becoming accident prone at work
-covered in bruises
-watched a bug's life

Sunday, August 1, 2010

I went to cedar and guess what I forgot!

- my laptop charger
- my baby sister